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About Agility

Our name literally says it all. "Agility": [ uh-jil-i-tee ]:
The power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness.

Providing A Full Range Of Transportation

Customer-Centric Transportation Solutions

With headquarters Based in Raleigh North Carolina, Agility Transport is a trucking company focused on providing freight carrier services all around U.S. We understand the role freight carriers play in success of a business. That is why we leave no stones unturned in providing the best quality service and top-notch experience to our customers. Our customer-centric transportation solutions are tailored to meet your logistics needs. Our services include expedited ground shipping, cargo services, courier services, less than truck load and last mile delivery. Note: We handle all your shipment needs except hazardous material.

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Our Goal

To help our customers grow their businesses efficiently. We are committed to help you succeed by delivering your goods on time anywhere in U.S. We work as a national freight carrier for leading successful companies and small businesses. Our commitment to safety and quality of our service is unwavering.



Our experienced staff and professional drivers work as a team to ensure the delivery process is done with utmost precision and agility. We're in touch with our customers from loading to the final destination for a hassle-free, reliable delivery of goods. Hand your logistics to us and focus on business growth.


Safe & On Time

We offer freight and shipment delivery services to help you expand your business. Whether you want expedited shipping for your business or want to deliver a courier at the doorstep of your customers - we have got you covered. "Agility": The power of moving quickly & easily. We deliver on time, every time!

Explore Our Experience Team!

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to become a national leading transportation network known for its reliability and safe timely delivery in all 50 states in the U.S.

We are focused on implementing the latest modern technologies to pave the way forward for transportation solutions. Our mission is to tackle the challenges faced in this industry and make freight forwarding process easier than before.

We Don’t Make Customers We Build Relationships

We work with shippers, suppliers, companies and businesses of all levels. We give our time, efforts and expertise in helping businesses succeed. We want to create an impact in this industry by forming long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our goal is to build a relationship based on trust and confidence in our ability to handle all tasks with efficiency and competence. We realize that your success contributes to our success.

That is why we do our best to form a long-lasting relationship that will result into success for both parties in their respective industries.